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 How to Battle - Battle System, Battle Descriptions, and Battle Etiquette

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How to Battle - Battle System, Battle Descriptions, and Battle Etiquette Empty
PostSubject: How to Battle - Battle System, Battle Descriptions, and Battle Etiquette   How to Battle - Battle System, Battle Descriptions, and Battle Etiquette Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 1:08 am

Our battle system is incredibly lax. Foremost, lax RP battles between players are not required to follow any battle guidelines. The only time a system is needed is in boss battles, in NPC stuff, and if players in a battle wish to. Mostly, our system revolves around speed.

There are three classes in Project Lied: Light, Neutral, and Heavy. Each class has its own set of weapons, mostly revolving around range and weight. Light-class weapons are... well, light. They are mostly made for their users to strike from afar, or are portable enough for them to quick come in for close combat. Heavy-class weapons, however, are mostly two-handed and slow to wield.

Official battles revolve around movements. A movement is characterized by an effort to attack, or an effort to evade. A Light-class player gets 3 movements a post, a Neutral-class player gets 2 movements a post, while a Heavy-class player gets 1 movement a post.

Typical Light-class posts would be something like this:

"Mary Sue shot three arrows at Gary Stu."

"Mary Sue slashed at Gary Stu's arm with her dagger. Then, she slashed at his chest and thrusted at him."

"Mary Sue slashed twice at Gary Stu's face. Then she backed up."

Meanwhile, a Heavy-class post would be:

"Mary Sue charged and slammed her warhammer down on Gary Stu."

Light-class attacks will deal significantly less damage than Heavy-class attacks, but are more-frequent and more-likely to hit. Keep in mind that evading an attack will require you to forfeit one of your post's movements, which will take away an attack during your turn. A Heavy will be required to absorb all blows in order to attack.

A player may not switch weapons mid-post. They may between posts.

Finally, battles don't get too gory. There may be blood, broken bones, etc., but the digital body can take a LOT more than the real body. A warhammer being smashed on someone will critically deplete someone's HP and send them sprawled and hurt on the floor, but it will not pop someone's head into goop. A stab is painful and leaves a mark, but it will not puncture a specific artery or organ causing the victim to bleed out.

It is important to practice battle etiquette. If an attack should hit, then let it hit. Don't dodge every attack from a heavy, though you aren't expected to let a lot hit. Furthermore, don't write attacks as surefire hits. Try to leave as much as you can open-ended, so that the other RPer has freedom to respond in any sort of way.
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How to Battle - Battle System, Battle Descriptions, and Battle Etiquette
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