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You wake up somewhere strange. You can't remember anything. The sky pulses and dazzles above.
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 Area Creatures

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PostSubject: Area Creatures   Area Creatures Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2018 3:36 pm

The following are the creatures whom inhabit this area.

Area Creatures ZFuDiqS
Name: Betaflies
Description: You can't kill them, leave them be. They sometimes dive into lava, albeit unharmed, because they're so unintelligent.

Area Creatures QcYFLdu
Name: Ratmen
Description: Thieving, viscous creatures often found in houses and abandoned dwelling in the Myrkr. They will attack people and steal their bits, because the shine attracts them.

Area Creatures 9ViSTzQ
Name: Dwarves
Description: Strange, quiet little things. They look almost human safe for their dark, indescribable faces and long horns. They speak their own language and pick aimlessly at the rocky walls of the Myrkr. They are not hostile unless you attack first.

Area Creatures 299lXqw
Name: Sluagh
Description: The wandering husks of dead peasants and players. They attack people to give themselves some kind of reason, even for a brief moment of carnage. They have long claws that they dig into the ground as they walk on fours.
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Area Creatures
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