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You wake up somewhere strange. You can't remember anything. The sky pulses and dazzles above.
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 Area Creatures

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PostSubject: Area Creatures   Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:51 pm

The following are the creatures whom inhabit this area.

Name: Betaflies
Description: You can't kill them, leave them be. They sometimes dive into lava, albeit unharmed, because they're so unintelligent.

Name: Duraþróri
Description: Peaceful deer with auburn, glowing horns. They are timid, but the most graceful of people can get close enough to pet them. It is a sign of good fortune if you are able to. Duraþróri antlers are extremely valuable.

Name: Hafri
Description: Kind creatures that will help humans if need-be. They are incredibly strong, capable of lifting a tree out of its roots and using it as a weapon. They speak some words in deep, deep voices. Female hafri are almost human; they are green-skinned with small antlers, and often act as translators between humans and giant, male hafri.

Name: Wickens
Description: Wickens, like female hafri, are very humanlike and capable of speech. They are very dangerous creatures, however, able to conjure magic. They are cunning and often sociopaths, manipulating their prey and pretending to be friendly before attacking. They are said to be humans in some sort of transformation-- they vary in resemblance to humans and the ones farther along (covered in the most tree bark and fur) often cannot speak anymore and are rattled in insanity.
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Area Creatures
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