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You wake up somewhere strange. You can't remember anything. The sky pulses and dazzles above.
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 Area Creatures

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PostSubject: Area Creatures   Area Creatures Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2018 4:12 pm

The following are the creatures whom inhabit this area.

Area Creatures ZFuDiqS
Name: Betaflies
Description: You can't kill them, leave them be. They sometimes dive into lava, albeit unharmed, because they're so unintelligent.

Area Creatures YyKC6Wd
Name: Old Gods
Description: Said to be the old deities of the realm, cast down by the new gods. They occasionally stomp through the valley, usually not intentionally harming anyone, but being stepped on by one is instant death. Attacking one is death as well, and no human has ever felled one.

Area Creatures 68va35R
Name: Draugr
Description: The spirits of those buried near the town, mostly warriors and nobles. They protect their graves and are incredibly powerful, imbued with supernatural abilities and a previous life of war experience. They are often found sitting idly on their gravestones, as if waiting for a challenger.
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Area Creatures
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